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Base Kitchen Cabinets-dark

Base Kitchen Cabinets-dark

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This is a set of 10 base kitchen cabinets with various matching countertops. Height of all is standard kitchen 24.5. Could be brightened up with paint.

Sizes are:
12x24 (3) three drawers
36x24 sink
12x21 Drawer/door (there is a spacer in the back make it the depth of the other cabinets.)
24x24 (2)Drawer/door
36x21 (Note this is a narrower cabinet like the above 12")

There are various pieces of countertop that match and could be used to make free standing units. Below are the countertop sizes and in parenthese are the cabinets that fit under them. There are no tops or corners with this grouping but they would make great individual units or one long bench.

7'x25 ( Pictured with 24 drawer/door and 12" three drawer)
48.5x25 ((2)Drawer/door, 24" drawer/door)
61x25 (32.5 sink cutout with 14" on each side)(36 sink and (2) 12"
36x22 (36x21 Three large, deep drawers)